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Iceland breweries

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    Iceland is not a place where alcohol can be bought around every corner, but that doesn’t mean that Icelanders cannot appreciate a good “cold one”. This may be a small island, but you can still find many Iceland breweries all over the country that produce tasty local beers.

    If you’re someone who enjoys original, local brews, the island will pleasantly surprise you. In this article, we give you the lowdown on some of the best breweries in Iceland that should definitely be worked into your next trip itinerary. 

    Purchasing Alcohol in Iceland

    Purchasing alcohol on the island might not look like what you’re used to in your home country. Popping around to the nearest supermarket for a bottle of wine is out of the question. You might be able to get your hands on some extremely low-alcohol beer, but that’s about it.

    Here, the government runs the liquor stores and these shops are called Vinbudin. You can purchase alcohol at these stores between the hours of 11am - 6pm every day except for Sundays. But this is also why visiting the breweries and having one of the island’s popular craft beers at a local hangout are such a favorite pastime. 

    The Top 10 Best Iceland Breweries

    If you’re looking to add some craft beer culture to your Iceland trip, here are some of the must-visit breweries: 

    RVK Brewing Company

    This RVK Brewing Company is conveniently located in the capital of Reykjavík. These guys have a passion for the craft, and you can find anything from a Lager and Ale to Fruit Infused Beers and Milkshake/Beer Combos.

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    Brewdog Iceland

    Brewdog Iceland is a craft beer bar and restaurant in Reykjavík. This local hot spot took the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award, and it’s easy to see why. Here you can look forward to all-you-can-eat nights, “Secret Menu” nights with new and limited dishes, and, of course, delicious craft beers. 

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    Viking Brewery Iceland

    The Viking Brewery’s signature is the huge, two-story high, golden beer can that welcomes visitors at the entrance. The Viking Beer brand has had deep footsteps throughout the history of Iceland, with its origins going back to 1939. See why they’ve been around for so long by testing their lager, stout, or ales. 

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    Olvisholt Brewery Iceland

    Olvisholt Brewery is a Selfoss brewery in the South of Iceland that makes craft beers from high-quality ingredients. The brewery allows you to taste a variety of their beers in a small tasting room. Visiting this small brewery in Iceland offers a unique and intimate experience. Not only does it allow you to taste delicious craft beers, but also hear some interesting local stories.

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    Malbygg Brewery Iceland

    The Malbygg Taproom is one of the newest breweries on the island that was started in 2017. In the taproom, you can choose to opt between the eight different Malbygg beers on tap or a tasting tray consisting of four of Malbygg’s finest.

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    Lady Brewery Iceland

    Lady Brewery is a microbrewery in Iceland that is clearly the personification of girl power. This brewery is run by Porey Björk whose passion for craft beers is apparent when taking the first sip of her signature beer: FIRST LADY – IPA. You can also join the Secret Sociaty Club and get access to monthly beers, exclusive events, gifts, newsletters, and much, much more. 

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    Kaldi Brewery Iceland

    Kaldi Brewery has quite a unique take on craft beer. It brews its beers by using an old Czech method, without pasteurizing its beers or adding any preservatives or sugar. Whatever they’re doing is proving to be successful, as this small family business boasts that the Kaldi Blond is the most-sold beer in Iceland.

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    Jón Riki Brewery

    Jón Riki is a quaint family-owned microbrewery in Höfn. They are known for their innovative craft beers. But here your brew can come accompanied by a selection of fresh food made from high-quality local produce. This is the perfect pitstop if you’re driving on the Ring Road, or are on your way to Skaftafell or Jökulsarlon.

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    Segull 67 Brewery

    Segull 67 is another quaint family-owned brewery. But this brewery, located in Siglufjördur has a very unique feature: it is an old fish factory that was converted into a brewery.

    The brewery has been in the family for three generations already, so there’s quite a bit of history behind your cold brew. This history starts with the meaning behind the name. Segull comes from the Icelandic word for “magnet” and 67 is said to be the family’s lucky number. So, maybe their luck rubs off on visitors with each sip.

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    Borg Brugghus Brewery

    The Borg Brugghus Brewery is known for its variety – it boasts 72 different beers! Borg Brugghus was also the first brewery that used Iceland-grown hops to make their brew (before that, all the barley and hops were imported). The brewery offers all the global classics as well as a few interesting variations. The most popular one is a lager with a buttery caramel biscuit aftertaste. 

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    Going on an Iceland Brewery Tour

    Most of the Iceland breweries in our article offer a type of tour around their breweries along with a tasting session. But there are third parties who offer tours that give visitors a taste of the various different brews the island has to offer. If you would like to book your spot, these are a few tours that come highly recommended:

    Brewery Stops Along Your Road Trip

    We are strong believers that the best way to explore the island is by taking a road trip. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to discover the various Iceland breweries by adding them as stops to your trip itinerary. Rent a campervan in Iceland so you can cut down on the accommodation costs. This way, you can have more budget for the breweries and other exciting things around the island.

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