Car Rental in Iceland

Rent a Car in Iceland with Reykjavík Cars

At Reykjavík Cars our priority is to make things plain and simple when you make a booking with us. We can even help you decide which car from our large selection best suits your needs. We also think it is important that you know everything about our offers and services.


With this in mind, we made sure our website included a quick and easy to use online booking service, as well as clearly listing all the information that you could possibly need to know when renting a car in Iceland.

We only offer vehicles of the highest quality and that have met the rigorous safety requirements necessary to travel in Iceland. Our portfolio of vehicles includes trustworthy brands such as Toyota, Suzuki, Ford and Hyundai. You have the option of selecting a vehicle with either manual or automatic transmission. You can also choose between a diesel or a petrol driven engine. For the real adventurous among you, we offer some of the most powerful off-road vehicles available – so even the most remotest areas of Iceland are accessible to you. Car Rental Iceland!

We want to make things convenient for you when you arrive in Iceland. You can pick your car up as soon as you step off the plane at Keflavik International Airport, or if you prefer, one of our representatives will bring it straight to your hotel. Just to make things really easy, we can even meet you at any location in Reykjavík.

We want to keep your costs down, but we also want to minimize the effect we all have on the environment. With this in mind we make sure that all of our vehicles give great fuel efficiency. Most of the vehicles we offer are 2011 models or newer. Therefore you can drive with the security that driving a practically brand new car gives you.

About Reykjavík Cars:

  • Reykjavík Cars is a part of the Scandinavian Travel Services ltd group. We have our offices based in Reykjavík, Iceland and we specialize in the Icelandic car rental industry.
  • If you prefer we can deal with any queries you might have online. Simply email us [email protected] or use our chat online.

Car Rental in Iceland

Reykjavik Cars offers a wide range of cheap cars for your self drive holiday in Iceland.


Car Rental in Iceland
Car Rental in Iceland Car Rental in Iceland Car Rental in Iceland Car Rental in Iceland

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