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When you book a car on our webpage we will charge your credit card between 15% and 20% of the total price depends on vehicle. The rest you can pay when you pick up the car in Iceland with credit card or cash (ISK, EUR, GBP or USD) or up to two months before your rental commences (ISK) for certain vehicles.

For any question e-mail [email protected].

With our flexible policy, you can book a camper with confidence! You can now cancel up to 24h before picking up your rental vehicle to receive a full refund.

For motorhomes and the Campervan 4x4 Adventure+ model, a cancelation fee of 15% of the total cost will be applied.

Campervan Iceland rental price includes:

  • Standard equipment included in the description of the car.
  • 24% local VAT (value added tax)
  • Unlimited mileage, or if this is not the case, the clear number of km included, with the cost of each extra km.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).
  • Mechanical assistance during your trip. 24/7.

  • Refueling during your trip.
  • Optional insurances SCDW, SAAP and GP.
  • Additional driver.
  • Additional equipment.

  • Depending on the vehicle, we do offer different pick up and drop off locations. Just check it online for each campervan.

  • ID or passport of the renter. (*)
  • Original driving license of the driver who shall have held it for at least one year. (*)
  • Valid credit card of one of the passengers.

(*) Applicable to all additional drivers.

Driver’s licenses from any EEA and Nordic countries (including Faroe Islands) are valid in Iceland (all categories). Driver’s licenses (B-category only) from other countries outside the EEA and Nordic countries are valid if they are printed in Latin characters.

It is possible to drive all of the vehicles that we offer with a category B driving license.

The registered driver must be at least 20 years of age and have held a full driver´s license for at least 12 months (25 for motorhome).

  • Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) will lower the own-risk fee in case of an accident. We always recommend purchasing at least the SCDW so as to lower the own-risk fee down to 50,000 - 175,000 ISK.
  • Gravel Protection (GP) will protect damage to windshield, headlights or body of the car. The self-risk fee if you purchase this extra insurance covers this type of damage. Whereas if you are not covered, CDW or SCDW self-risk fee will be applied. Not available for all vehicles.
  • Sand And Ash Protection (SAAP): In high winds and dry weather the ash from the volcanoes and sand in the south coast can cause huge damage to the cars and all the cost has fallen on the renter, until now. By purchasing SAAP the self-risk fee in case of damage from sand and ash is significantly lowered to 175,000 ISK.
  • PREMIUM & ZERO RISK Insurance Package: We highly recommend to hire either PREMIUM or ZERO option. Then you will have every insurance option at a very reasonable price.

If you need more details of the extras please go to our booking system and click on “more info” on the right-hand side of the extras.

The most common incidents when driving in Iceland are:

  • Meeting livestock (mainly sheep) on the road.
  • Losing road grip when going from asphalt to gravel roads.
  • Veering off the pavement.
  • We don't recommend to drive if the wind excess 15 m/s.
  • Crossing unbridged rivers.
  • Undue damage to tires and wheels by undetected flat.

In order to avoid possibilities of accident, please be aware of these risks, be well informed and always pay close attention to your driving. If you see one of our beautiful landscapes, please, stop in a safe area and enjoy it. Severe weather conditions can occur in Iceland. Always check the weather forecast.

Here are some useful links:

Weather in Iceland, Road Conditions, Road webcams, How to drive in Iceland, Speed limits in Iceland, Gas prices or Safe Travel

When you drop off your vehicle, you need to:

  • Make sure it’s clean inside (kitchenware included)
  • Take out the trash
  • Fill up the fuel tank and ensure the battery is fully charged
  • Fill up the clean water deposit
  • Empty the gray water tank
  • Spray down the outside with water if necessary, so that we can check for damage
  • Collect all of your personal belongings
  • If applicable, make sure the gas tank has been refilled

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