Vegan Food in Iceland: Top Restaurants Worth Discovering

Vegan food in Iceland: Kale salad

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    Veganism has slowly but surely become a global phenomenon, with the number of vegans consistently on the rise. Even so, it can still be difficult for many travelers to find restaurants or shops that meet their dietary needs.

    So, if you are vegan and planning a trip to The Land of Fire and Ice, here’s our complete guide to delicious vegan food in Iceland!

    Is Iceland vegan friendly?

    Given that the Icelandic cuisine is based largely on meat and dairy products, you’d be forgiven for thinking that vegan food is not a particularly big thing in Iceland.

    However, on the contrary, the past few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of veganism, with more and more Icelanders beginning to embrace the lifestyle.

    Events such as “veganjuar” (Vegan January), where people are encouraged to follow a vegan lifestyle for a month, are becoming a mainstay of the Icelandic calendar.

    Thankfully, the food and hospitality industry have been quick to respond to this trend and the subsequent increased demand for vegan products.

    Today, all the major Icelandic supermarkets have a section dedicated to vegan goods and just about every place that serves coffee, from gas stations to the trendiest café houses, offer dairy-free milk.

    In short, if you strictly adhere to a vegan diet, then it will be easily possible for you to embark on a driving holiday around Iceland without having to deviate from it. Now, let’s check out some of our favorite places to chow down on vegan delicacies.

    Vegan shops in Iceland

    Vegan búðin

    Faxafen 14 - Reykjavik 108

    So, if you’re taking a tour in Iceland with a camper rental, you’re probably planning on taking advantage of your van’s fully equipped kitchen and cooking a few meals yourself, right? In this case, you’re going to need to stock up on a few essential items before hitting the road.

    Vegan budin (The Vegan Shop) should be your first port of call. It’s a supermarket devoted entirely to vegan-friendly products, with undoubtedly the widest selection in the country.

    Whether you need ready meals, kids’ meals, vegan cooking sauces, sweets or chocolate, it's all here for the taking. Whilst the fresh fruit and vegetable department isn’t exactly overflowing, there are several larger supermarkets within walking distance that should meet your needs.

    Vegan restaurants in Iceland

    Vegan World Peace

    Aðalstræti 2 - Reykjavik 101

    Although it only opened in March 2021, this fantastic Asian-themed restaurant has already created a huge buzz among Iceland’s vegan community, both with locals and visitors.

    Pad Thai noodles, Banh Mi and Japanese Gyoza are just some of the classic Asian dishes that have been given a delicious vegan twist. (I have heard that their Nochicken Kung Pao is a menu highlight).

    vegan food in Iceland: gyozas

    The location and ambiance are perfect - a bright, roomy, and inviting dining room situated right in the heart of the old town of Reykjavík. The prices are very reasonable too (around 2000 ISK) for a main course with exceptional value.

    Loving Hut

    Laugavegur 164 - Reykjavik 101

    Loving Hut is the sister restaurant to Vegan World Peace – so basically more of the excellent oriental-themed vegan cuisine (although the menu is slightly different) at prices that are incredibly good value.

    Loving Hut is more of a takeaway venue, although limited seating is available inside. There is even a small vegan food market inside the restaurant where you can grab some last-minute supplies before your journey! Check them out here.


    Skeifan 13a - Reykjavik 108

    If vegan comfort food is your thing, then we heartily recommend paying the junkyard a visit. A drive-thru restaurant located in the Skeifan district of town, there is plenty of room for your cheap campervan!

    Their menu is jam-packed with a mouthwatering selection of burgers served with fries, as well as wraps, falafels and salads.

    Vegan food in Iceland: burger

    Everything on the menu is vegan and simply delicious. There’s a kids menu too, and all their mains are available as a meal deal.

    They know their sauces are top-notch, so they sell them separately for customers. Pick up a jar or simply hand over your own container and they will fill it right up for you.


    Nordic House - Sæmundargata 11 -Reykjavik 101

    You may not associate vegan food with fine dining, but the chefs at Sónómatseljur have just taken vegan cuisine to the ultimate next level.

    There are no burgers or comfort food here, just hand prepared quality vegan dishes (some are available as both vegetarian and vegan options) that are prepared using a combination of hand-picked herbs from the West Fjords and imported spices from Morocco.

    Their specialty is Yufka (a kind of Turkish flatbread) topped with truffle mayo and beetroot purée. As you might expect, the menu is a little on the pricey side, but believe us when we say it’s totally worth it!


    Hafnarstraeti 92 - Akureyri 600

    Sooner or later your driving itinerary is bound to take you to Akureyri, or the home of a must-visit locale: Bautinn.

    While it isn’t an exclusively vegan restaurant, its menu does boast a very decent selection of vegan options – and we’re not just talking about vegan burgers. Salads, tacos and vegan chimichangas are just some of the wonderful dishes available here.

    Don’t forget the delicious vegan-friendly apple cake for dessert!

    Vegan food in Iceland: Tacos

    The restaurant itself is housed in one of Akureyri’s oldest and most prestigious buildings right in the middle of town, which you can leisurely explore after dinner if you’re not well full up.

    Móðir Jörð

    Vallaness - Egilsstaðir 701

    We really hope your campervan trip leads you to the East Fjörds. The scenery is stunning, and the weather always seems to always be sunny! There is no shortage of great places to eat, but we think vegan lovers should definitely check out Móðir Jörð.

    Situated just outside of the town of Egilsstadir, Móðir Jörð (Mother Earth) is actually an organic farm whose produce is available in shops across Iceland.

    During the summer months, you can visit the farm and eat at their café. The food is prepared fresh onsite and is served buffet style with no set menu – dishes are prepared according to whatever is in season and has been harvested.

    There’s also a small shop where you can check out a whole host of Móðir Jörð products.

    UPS Restaurant

    Höfn Hornafirði - 80, Iceland

    A vegan restaurant that brews their own beer? There can’t be many places like UPS (it's pronounced oops!) in the world, so to find such a place in the beautiful surroundings of Höfn in South East Iceland is a real treat.

    The menu is mostly vegan, and consists of Mexican-style dishes. Think delicious black bean chili and burritos. The prices are very reasonable too, with all mains coming in at under 2000 ISK.

    The best part? It’s a craft beer bar as well, so after dining you can sample some amazing Icelandic craft ales, including their own brew.

    Our vegan Guide to Iceland

    So, there you have it – there is no shortage of places where you can enjoy amazing vegan food in Iceland, either in the confines of cozy and welcoming establishments, or in the luxury of your campervan rental, wherever you might happen to be.

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    Vegan food in Iceland: Kale salad

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