The 7 Best Campsites in Iceland

The best 7 campsites in Iceland

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    The 7 best campsites in Iceland can be found scattered around the Island. From fully-equipped camping sites with all sorts of amenities in Reykjavik to the most basic campgrounds for the adventurous in Skógarfoss. You will be able to see beautiful nature, historic sites, and even attend festivals at these camping grounds.

    Camping in Iceland is a great way to experience the amazing nature that this mystic island has to offer. Since it’s such a popular activity among tourists and locals alike, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to well-equipped campgrounds. Let’s take a look at some of the best campsites in Iceland.

    1. Reykjavik Campsite

    This camping ground is not only considered one of the best on the island but possibly the best. Its proximity to the capital (10 minutes by car) makes it an ideal first stop for new arrivals. It’s a five-star campsite that can accommodate up to 900 travelers and sports a lot of amenities. For those looking to go camping in Iceland in winter, Reykjavik campsite is open all year long

    The price per stay is 2550 ISK (20 USD) per person per night and if you book online, you will get 200 ISK off. If you have any children under 13, they will stay for free, so make sure to book this for a family vacation!

    Included in the stay is access to an indoor kitchen and an outdoor sink, both with warm and cold water. You can also enjoy hot showers, free wifi and an open BBQ area.

    You can add electric access to your rv rental in Iceland, wash your clothes, and get tickets for excursions at the campgrounds too. These come with an additional fee, though, but nothing unreasonable. Around one of the best campgrounds Iceland has to offer, you will find a café and bar, swimming pool, a small grocery store, and any camper’s dream: a breakfast buffet!

    Address | Sundlaugavegur 32, 105 Reykjavík

    Price | 2550 ISK per adult per night

    Facilities | Indoor kitchen, outdoor sink, WC, shower, RV electricity, Open BBQ, washer and dryer, luggage storage

    Open dates | All year

    Website | Reykjavik Campsite

    Stay if exploring | Reykjavik

    Reykjavik campsite

    2. Skógar Campsite

    A hidden gem in the southern part of Iceland is Skógar Campsite. Here, you can pitch a tent at the foot of a mighty waterfall and set up a base for trips to the highlands for beautiful views or down to the harbour to watch the tumblers play at sea. Have you ever heard of Eyjafjallajökull – the volcano that caused the largest air travel disruption since WWII? From one of the best campsites in Iceland, you can make a four-hour hike to this mystic place. Just remember that it is considered a somewhat tough hike to do, so prepare accordingly.

    Skógarfoss is one of the best campsites in Iceland, not necessarily because it has the best amenities or is the most comfortable place to stay. In fact, there isn’t really much here except for a few bathrooms and showers with cold water. Nevertheless, despite the minimal facilities, Skógar campsite is a popular destination for campers.

    This is one of the cheaper camping options in Iceland with a modest 1500 ISK per night and person for everyone over 13, and (of course) free for those under 13. The campsite is open all year-round for adventurous campers and is a popular camping ground for both native and international campers.

    Address | Skógum, 861 Hvolsvöllur

    Price | 1500 ISK per adult per night

    Facilities | Shower, WC

    Open dates | All year

    Website | Skógar camping

    Stay if exploring | Fimmvorduhals Trail

    Best campsites Iceland

    3. Skaftafell Camping

    As part of Vatnajökull National Park, Skaftafell is considered one of the most beautiful campgrounds in Iceland. The wide-open spaces and impressive views are exactly what you need to get back to nature. Not only that, but the ideal location makes it the perfect base for exploring nearby attractions like Vatnajökull glacier, Svartifoss waterfall, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, and the Diamond Beach.

    At Skaftafell (as mentioned earlier, one of the best campgrounds Iceland has to offer), you will have to pay 250 ISK per night for a camping site. The nightly rate per person is then an additional 1500 ISK per adult (18-66), 900 ISK for older kids (13-17), free for children under 13, and 1300 ISK for seniors (67+) and those with disabilities.

    Amenities such as toilets, showers, washer/dryer, and electricity for RVs can be found on the camping ground. Wifi covers the camping area, and you will have full 3G coverage in and around the campgrounds. If you enjoy camping in the winter, you’ll be happy to know that Skaftafell is open all year-round.

    Address | Urridaholtsstraeti 6-8, 210 Gardabaer

    Price | 250 ISK per site per night, 1500 ISK per adult per night, 1300 ISK per senior per night, 900 ISK for kids (13-17) per night

    Facilities | WC, shower, washer and dryer, RV electricity

    Open dates | All year

    Website | Skaftafell camping

    Stay if exploring | Vatnajökull National Park

    Skaftafell campsite, Iceland

    4. Vogar Campsite Near Lake Mývatn

    Now that we’ve covered some of the southern best campgrounds Iceland has, let’s take a journey north. Lake Mývatn along the Diamond Circle route is one of the treasures in this part of the land. When travelling this multi-day circuit, it’s nice to return to the Vogar campsite at the end of the day and enjoy the absolutely stunning scenery.

    One of the best campsites in Iceland (in the north) offers free wifi, an indoor kitchen area, toilets, and hot showers for all guests. They also have the option of adding electricity for RVs and stays open all year-round.

    It costs 500 ISK per campervan, car, or tent to be there, and then an additional 2000 ISK per person over the age of 14. Everyone younger than this can stay for free with an adult. For an RV, the cost is 1500 ISK and then an additional 500 ISK for electricity.

    Address | Vogar, 660 Mývatn

    Price | 500 ISK per tent/car/campervan per site, 2000 ISK per adult per night, 1500 ISK per RV per site

    Facilities | Shower, indoor kitchen, RV electricity,

    Open dates | All year

    Website | Vogar camping

    Stay if exploring | Mývatn area

    Best campsites Iceland: Myvatn

    5. Egilstaðir Campsite

    East Iceland is a bit more remote than other parts of the country, but Egilsstaðir is its biggest town. One of the best campsites in Iceland east features all the standard conveniences campers could hope for. Toilet, kitchen, and shower are included in the price for campers who stay there, and washing machines and dryers are available for 800 ISK per use. The wifi at Egilstaðir is free and they offer some nice and warm places to rest tired camper legs in their facilities.

    Adults will pay 2000 ISK per person per night while senior citizens and people with disabilities only pay 1000 ISK. The kids (below 13) get away free of charge when they bring an adult. Adventurers are welcome every day of the year, every hour of the day.

    Egilsstaðir is only a 30 min drive from the ruins of a 500-year-old monastery in Skriðuklaustur and right next to the small (and beautiful) waterfall Fardagafoss. You will also be able to see the amazing basalt cliffs and get a chance to see the Icelandic reindeer of the east coast.

    Address | Kaupvangur 17, 700 Egilstaðir

    Price | 2000 ISK per adult per night, 1000 ISK per senior per night

    Facilities | WC, kitchen, shower, washer and dryer, luggage storage, RV electricity

    Open dates | All year

    Website | Egilstaðir camping

    Stay if exploring | East Icelandic highlands

    Campsite in Iceland

    6. Siglufjörður Campsite

    An extremely charming fishing village in one of the most northern parts of Iceland is Siglufjörður which hosts one of the best campsites in Iceland in terms of price. Apart from the free sites, you won’t get much cheaper prices than this.

    For only 1400 ISK any non-senior adult older than 16 years can stay a night. Seniors and people with disabilities stay for 1200 ISK per night and anyone younger than 16 will stay for free. The camping site has amenities like toilets, electricity for RVs, and washing machines, but that is about it in terms of amenities.

    The best part of this camping site is the stunning nature and tranquillity that surrounds this place. Sitting at the foot of the mountains and in the depths of a fjord, this is where you can experience the real, untamed Iceland. Make sure to be properly prepared for a real camping trip if you stay here.

    Unfortunately, this camping site is only open for summertime camping, but if you camp here in July, you’re likely to be a part of the yearly herring festival. It is nothing short of a must for anyone who wants to experience some Icelandic culture.

    Address | Hafnarstræti 91, 600 Akureyri

    Price | 1400 ISK per adult per night, 1200 per senior per night

    Facilities | WC, washing and drying, RV electricity

    Open dates | May 15th to October 15th

    Website | Siglufjörður

    Stay if exploring | Trollskagi Peninsula

    Siglufjordur Campsite

    7. Breiðavík Campground

    The northwest of Iceland has plenty of bird cliffs filled with Atlantic puffins and breathtaking fjords. In the western parts of the Westjords. you can pitch up a tent at the Breiðavík Campground.

    This is one of the best campgrounds Iceland has to offer in terms of experiencing their living, buzzing part of nature. For 2400 ISK per adult per day, this checks out as the priciest camping site on the list (apart from Reykjavik). For kids, this is (as usual) free as long as they bring a grown-up.

    This site is open all year-round and gives you full access to basic amenities like showers, wifi, and toilets. You will have to pay an extra fee for washing machines, electricity, and luxuries like coffee and tea though.

    This is an area close to Látrabjarg where you are almost guaranteed to spot puffin birds in the summer. A must for all bird lovers!

    Address | Breiðavík / Látrabjarg, 451 Patreksfjörður

    Price | 2400 ISK per person per night

    Facilities | WC, showers, washing and drying, RV electricity

    Open dates | All year

    Website | Breiðavík Campground

    Stay if exploring | Westfjords

    Westfjords of Iceland

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    The sky-high cost of accommodation can drive some to sleep in the car. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also unnecessary! If you’re curious about how much it costs to camp in Iceland, the answer is between $7-$20 per person per night. And with this list of some of the best campsites in Iceland, you should be able to start planning a pretty great road trip.

    And here’s a little travel tip: check out the Iceland Campingcard when planning where to stay. It gives you discounts at various camping sites in Iceland. Camping in Iceland is a lot of fun, so why not save a few bucks with a discount card?

    And if you're looking to rent camping equipment, Reykjavík has plenty of camping gear rental stores for you to pick up tents, camping stoves, sleeping bags, and whatever else you need.

    Don’t feel like going through the hassle of setting up and taking down a campsite? Then why not opt for a campervan? You can find a wide variety of campervans and motorhomes to rent here.

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