The Ultimate Travel Guide to Haifoss Waterfall

Haifoss Waterfall

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    Have you ever dreamt of discovering a hidden gem that takes your breath away? Welcome to Haifoss, Iceland's captivating marvel that promises an adventure like no other.

    In this ultimate travel guide, we'll walk you through every nook and cranny of this mesmerizing destination. Imagine the roar of cascading waters echoing in your ears and the pristine Icelandic landscape unfolding before your eyes.

    Ready to embark on a journey to one of Iceland's most awe-inspiring sights? Let's dive in!

    How Does Haifoss Waterfall Compare to Other Icelandic Waterfalls?

    Iceland, famously known as the land of waterfalls, boasts over 10,000 waterfalls due to its unique geography and climate. Among these, Haifoss Waterfall holds the prestigious reputation of being the fourth-highest waterfall in Iceland, plunging from a staggering height of 122 meters (400 feet).

    Haifoss, aptly named 'High Waterfall' in English, leaves no room for doubt about its grandeur. Its name is a historical nod to its towering height and the overwhelming sense of awe it evokes in its spectators.

    Haifoss offers a distinct, less crowded experience compared to other popular waterfalls, making it a standout in any list of the best waterfalls in Iceland.

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    How Is Haifoss Woven Into Icelandic Folklore?

    Haifoss is deeply intertwined with the country's rich folklore. Legends tell of an ogress residing near the falls, who fiercely guarded her territory, fishing trout and menacing those who ventured too close.

    One tale recounts a group of travelers, including a young boy, who unknowingly provoked the ogress by throwing a rock into the river. Under cover of night, she attempted to drag the boy away, leading to a desperate tug-of-war with his companions.

    Though they managed to save him, the boy bore severe injuries from the encounter. Such tales of ogres and ogresses, while less common than those of trolls, are integral to the tapestry of Icelandic culture, painting a vivid picture of its mystical past.

    Where Is Haifoss in Iceland Located?

    Haifoss is tucked away in the heart of Iceland, nestled in the picturesque Þjórsárdalur Valley in the southern region of Iceland. This remote haven is approximately 141 km (88 mi) away from Reykjavík, Iceland's capital.

    Haifoss's unique geographical location allows it to cascade into the river Fossá, a sight that's as spectacular as it is humbling. What's more, its beauty is further accentuated by the neighboring Granni waterfall, a quieter but equally enchanting spectacle. 

    This pair of waterfalls, surrounded by the rugged, raw beauty of the Icelandic highlands, offers a profound experience steeped in serenity and grandeur.


    How Can You Get to Haifoss Waterfall?

    Reaching Haifoss from Reykjavík involves a voyage of about 2 hours by road. Start your journey on Route 1, then switch to Road 26 towards Hekla Volcano. After the Háifoss signpost, turn onto a gravel path (F332) and follow it for approximately 7.5km (4.7 mi) to get to the parking area.

    Once you've parked your car, a brief walk will lead you to the captivating waterfall. We highly recommend using a 4×4 vehicle for traversing the challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions.

    Ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle rugged terrains, and always stay updated on local weather and road advisories by checking out the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration website before embarking on your journey. 

    What Can You Expect When Visiting Haifoss Waterfall?

    Visiting Haifoss waterfall is an exhilarating experience that begins with a scenic hike along some of the best Iceland hiking trails. Here's what you can expect:

    • Viewing Points: Haifoss boasts multiple viewing spots, each offering a unique and awe-inspiring perspective of the falls. The most popular viewpoint is from the clifftop, where you can marvel at the waterfall's sheer size and power.
    • Hiking Trails: Well-marked trails lead to the waterfall, providing a picturesque walk amidst Iceland's stunning landscapes. For the adventurous, an option to hike down to the base of the falls offers a uniquely immersive experience.
    • Duration: Plan for at least 2 hours for your visit to Haifoss. This allows ample time to soak up the scenery, photograph, and explore the trails.

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    When Is the Best Time To Visit Haifoss?

    The best time to visit Haifoss is during the summer months, from June to mid-September, when the days are the longest, providing ample daylight for exploration. During this time, the waterfall is bathed in a golden hue.

    However, spring and early autumn present fewer crowds and a landscape painted with vibrant colors. Winter in Iceland, though challenging due to icy conditions, transforms Haifoss into a frozen wonderland. One of our team members recalls his winter visit:

    'I reached Haifoss just as the first snowflakes began to fall. The sight of the waterfall, framed by snow-covered cliffs, was ethereal. It felt like stepping into a fairy tale.' Regardless of when you choose to visit, Haifoss promises an experience that lingers in memory.

    Are There Other Attractions Near Haifoss Worth Exploring?

    Absolutely! Haifoss's location in the heart of Iceland makes it an ideal launching point to explore several other enchanting attractions. Here are a few of our top recommendations:

    • Gjain Waterfall: A hidden gem, Gjain is a mini oasis marked by small waterfalls, ponds, and volcanic structures. The lush verdant landscape offers an otherworldly contrast to the surrounding barren highlands.
    • Hjálparfoss Waterfall: Known for its unique dual flow, Hjálparfoss is a sight to behold. Its name, which means 'helping falls,' hints at a time when weary travelers would find respite here.
    • Sigöldugljúfur: Referred to as the 'Valley of Tears,' Sigöldugljúfur is a gorge lined with countless small waterfalls. This spot is perfect for photographers looking for a fairytale-like backdrop.

    And don't forget, the wonders of Landmannalaugar are a stone's throw away, ready to captivate you with its rainbow-colored mountains and geothermal hot springs. For more information about Landmannalaugar, check out our Ultimate Guide to Hot Springs in Iceland.

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    Where Can You Stay Near Haifoss Waterfall?

    When planning a visit to Haifoss, the immersive experience doesn't have to end with the day's sightseeing. We recommend making an overnight adventure out of it. And what better way to make that happen than to stay the night in a cozy campervan?

    This flexible option lets you set your own pace, taking you directly to the heart of Iceland's breathtaking landscapes — an option that traditional accommodations simply can't offer. Renting a camper in Iceland provides the perfect home base for your adventures, allowing you to wake up to a different, stunning view every morning.

    We particularly recommend setting up camp at the secluded Þjórsárdalur Valley campsite. Tucked away in a small forest, the campsite provides excellent shelter, with charming little spots nestled between the trees. Can you imagine a better way to embrace the enchanting wilderness of Iceland?

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    Your Unforgettable Haifoss Adventure Awaits

    As the allure of Haifoss beckons, it's clear that this natural marvel is more than just a sightseeing spot; it's an experience. From its rich folklore to the surrounding attractions, every facet of Haifoss promises a tale of wonder.

    Whether you're journeying in a campervan or hiking the trails, the memories forged here will remain etched in your heart, a testament to Iceland's timeless beauty and charm.

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