Hvolsvöllur: A Beautiful Little Town in Iceland


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    Most know Iceland as the Land of Fire and Ice, with breathtaking but contrasting landscapes. But there is also another side to Iceland where picturesque little villages and towns adorn the island, where there is a great sense of community, and one can always find something interesting to do or see. One of these little towns is Hvolsvöllur.

    This quaint little town is well worth a visit. So, if you've got an upcoming trip to Iceland, read on. We'll tell you everything you need to know about Hvolsvöllur and why it needs to be on your trip itinerary.

    Hvolsvöllur Brings You Real Small-Town Living You’ll Love

    When we say Hvolsvöllur is a small town, we’re not kidding. This beautiful little town has a population of less than 1000 people. Most of the town’s people make their money from agriculture or tourism. The town (or what was then known as a settlement) started in 1930, and the name Hvolsvöllur translates to ‘hill fields’ which is a pretty good description of what you can expect from the town’s views of its surrounding landscapes.

    But this town is not just known for its legendary views, but is actually featured in one of our most famous local legends, Njal’s Saga, a tale of feuding families spanning over 50 decades. One of it’s most beloved characters and hero’s, Gunnar, was said to have lived on the farm Hlidarendi just 14 kilometers outside of town.


    Where is Hvolsvöllur in Iceland?

    Hvolsvöllur can be found in the south of Iceland, between the capital city of Reykjavík (107 kilometers away) and the town of Vik (80.6 kilometers away). It is also conveniently located on our popular Ring Road route, so many opt to have Hvolsvöllur as a stop along their road trip.

    Since it’s also just half an hour away from Landeyjarhofn Harbor, where people catch the ferry to the Westman Islands, many people make Hvolsvöllur a stop en route to the ferry. 

    What to Do In & Around Hvolsvöllur

    For such a small town, there is an astounding number of things to see and do. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to:

    • Catch a glimpse of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano from the town on a good weather day.
    • Check out the Lava Center to learn everything there is to know about the Iceland volcanoes.
    • Visit the nearby waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss,Gljufrabui, and Gluggafoss.
    • Take part in a beloved Iceland tradition and eat ice cream at the popular Valdis.
    • Have a relaxing soak in Seljavallalaug, Iceland’s oldest swimming pool fed by a natural hot spring.
    • Go salmon and trout fishing in the surrounding rivers.
    • Visit our local store, Una, where you can find fresh local produce such as meat and vegetables and arts and crafts.

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    Visit Hvolsvöllur as Part of Your Ring Road Road Trip

    We strongly believe the best way to explore the island is via a road trip, and by doing the Ring Road route, it’s easy to make Hvolsvöllur a stop along the way. By renting a campervan in Iceland, you’ll take care of your transport and accommodation and make your road trip the ultimate Icelandic adventure. We hope to see you in Hvolsvöllur soon.

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