5 Must-Have Extras for Your Iceland Campervan Adventure

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    Once you’ve set your heart on a campervan or motorhome road trip, there are a number of choices to be made. These extras can help make your vacation more comfortable and convenient.

    Exactly what’s on offer varies according to your vehicle’s make and model. Take a look at our roundup and figure out which of these five must-have campervan extras in Iceland you’d like to snag for your own camper adventure.

    Top 5 Essential Campervan Extras in Iceland

    Camping is one of the most desirable and popular ways to travel in the Land of Fire and Ice right now. If you opted to explore this way, you’ll want to ensure you have the right campervan extras in Iceland. These are our top five picks:

    1. Upgraded insurance

    One of the most important, yet sometimes confusing aspects of renting a vehicle is the many forms of insurance that you might be offered.

    Some travelers cope with the overwhelming array of options by purchasing it all, but peace of mind comes at a cost. Others take their chances, hoping that things will run smoothly – until they don’t and the unexpected happens.

    Therefore, upgraded insurance becomes an essential campervan extra in Iceland for most travelers.

    Campervan extras in Iceland: insurance

    So what insurance should you consider? Each of our campervans and motorhomes comes with CDW as the standard option. There are others with coverage that reduce the driver’s liability and excesses should they be involved in an accident or some other kind of claim.

    Some things won’t ever be considered, such as water damage, so bear that in mind before you get carried away fording streams or other such risky moves.

    However, whether you’re risk-averse or not, it is worth considering these two specialist forms of protection when planning your Iceland road trip:


    SAAP stands for sand and ash protection. While this type of coverage is not something you’ll encounter in other parts of the world, most countries don’t have Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

    The grainy ash and black sand visible from your window can do a lot of damage to vehicles when whipped up by dry and windy weather, especially if you’re driving along the popular south coast of Iceland. Taking out SAAP caps your liability should you need to make a claim.

    Gravel protection

    Many of Iceland’s main roads are tarmacked, but even so, scenic detours will involve traveling on gravel surfaces. Of course, keeping your speed down reduces the risk of chipping the vehicle’s paintwork, but you can’t be sure some of the stones won’t be flung up from the road along the journey.

    Shelling out money for a replacement windscreen or damaged headlights can add up, but if you choose this campervan extra in Iceland, it won't cost an arm and a leg.

    2. Towels, bed linen or sleeping bag

    Both bulk and weight are important if you’re flying into Iceland, as most holidaymakers do. Though it’s entirely possible for you to pack your pillow from home, the amount of space it will take up in your backpack or suitcase makes bringing it impractical.

    Even a sleeping bag that is designed to be used on the go can still be a hassle, particularly if you’re dealing with the less than generous baggage allowances of the low-cost airlines.

    Fortunately, if you’ve chosen to rent a campervan or motorhome, you’re able to add-on bed linen or a sleeping bag for each traveler

    Campervan extras in Iceland: bed linen

    Check the details: sometimes a sleeping bag is already included in your rental package. Towels are also available for hire, so instead of making do with a small, quick-drying travel towel, rent one. This way you won’t have to worry about packing a damp one in your gear at the end of the trip.

    3. Kitchen kit

    Motorhomes are larger than campervans and you’ll have a small kitchen that will enable you to self-cater.

    While there’s nothing stopping you from picking up a ready prepared salad at the local supermarket, you’ll probably increase your consumption of single-use plastic packaging if you do so, which isn’t great for the planet. 

    A better alternative if you’re planning a zero-waste camping trip to Iceland is to support the local economy by eating out at one of Iceland’s many great cafés and restaurants. If you do plan on self-catering, adding on a kitchen kit could help you keep the cost of your trip down.

    This encompasses those kitchen accessories that are too bulky to pack and too much of a hassle to buy: pots, pans, plates, bowls and glasses. This campervan extra in Iceland usually includes a portable gas stove for more compact models that don’t come with an in-built kitchen.

    4. Table and chairs

    Camping should be a sociable affair. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Iceland when the weather’s dry and sunny, then you’ll want to be outside every chance you get.

    Some of the best campsites in Iceland overlook some of the country’s most scenic locations, including those beside the sea, near tranquil lakes, beneath snow-capped mountains or in front of pretty waterfalls. Having the facilities to sit outside and soak it all in shouldn’t be underestimated.

    Depending on the model of vehicle you select, there are campervan extras in Iceland that will give you a table and chairs or a camping chair for each person on board.

    Motorhome Camping Kit

    They can be easily stowed when you’re on the move, but choosing this as one of your extras will mean that you’ll be able to dine and relax in comfort after you park up. It will also give you somewhere to sit if you’re traveling during Northern Lights season and plan to embark on your own DIY aurora hunt.

    5. Inverter, GPS or WiFi

    Technology has revolutionized the way we travel and if you’re taking a road trip in a campervan or motorhome this fact is no different. 

    Think about how much we rely on our smartphones while we’re on holiday: to check the weather, read emails, catch up with friends, the list goes on. Perhaps you’ve already read about Iceland's cellphone coverage.

    If you have, you know that such a high level of activity drains the batter, so having a power inverter as a campervan extra in Iceland could be a real bonus.

    Power Inverters convert 12V DC (battery power) into 230 AC (the power you’d have at home), meaning you can safely charge mobile phones, tablets and laptops on the go.

    Also, consider opting for a GPS device so that you can be sure you won’t get lost if your phone signal drops. Add WiFi in Iceland to enable you to get online when you need to.

    Gear Up your Camper!

    Once you’ve settled on your campervan or motorhome, take a moment to really consider how you like to travel. After that’s done, the choice of which campervan extras in Iceland to include in your rental package should be much more straightforward.

    So, what are you waiting for? Gear up your camper today and head off on the adventure of a lifetime.

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