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Cell phone with WIFI in Iceland

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    Just because Iceland is technically an island doesn’t mean that we are not connected. In fact, you’ll be able to find WiFi in Iceland wherever you go. Whether via mobile phone signal, a local Iceland WiFi hotspot, or another free Wifi in Iceland option.

    If you’re someone who needs to stay connected with friends and family or because of work responsibilities, this article is for you. We discuss the various WiFi options on the island and how to ensure that you stay connected.

    Is Finding WiFi in Iceland Easy?

    Iceland may feel pretty remote, but you can throw a stone once you’ve landed at Keflavik Airport and hit a WiFi hotspot somewhere. You can rest assured that you will be able to stay connected for the majority of your stay. The following are some of the WiFi in Iceland options you’ll find:

    Free WiFi in Iceland

    You will find free WiFi all over Iceland. In fact, the moment you land at Keflavik Airport, you’ll be able to use the airport’s free WiFi. From there you’ll be able to find many coffee shops and restaurants offering complimentary WiFi. And your accommodation, especially if it’s a hotel or hostel, will also offer you free WiFi.

    Iceland Hotspot Rental

    Another way to go is portable WiFi in Iceland. This is a form of Iceland WiFi rental where you rent a hotspot device with a service provider such as Trawire. By doing so, you never have to be concerned about if and where to find WiFi! You’ll always be able to connect to the network as long as you have your device with you.

    WIFI in Iceland

    Mobile Connectivity

    We’re not just talking about using the data and browsing the internet on your mobile phone. You can actually tether to other devices such as your computer and, in effect, use your mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot device. Depending on your phone and service provider, you might be able to do that via Roaming.

    Alternatively, you can simply buy a sim on the island and connect by using a local service provider. This will probably be the most affordable option. When purchasing a sim in Iceland, you’ll also need to do your homework beforehand.

    There are some service providers that struggle with signal, especially in the northern parts of the country. So, if the north is part of your Iceland itinerary, you might want to opt for another service provider. Generally speaking, the main mobile service providers you can choose from on the island are:

    The other interesting thing you’ll discover on the island is that certain accommodation, such as popular hotels in Reykjavík, actually offers mobile phones to guests to use locally. So, just inquire at reception when checking in. 

    Does the WiFi in Iceland Work Properly?

    The WiFi in Iceland works just as well as anywhere else in the world. This means that you have the same connectivity issues that you’ll find anywhere else. Sometimes you may find that the network coverage is down for no apparent reason (although this very rarely happens). Other times, you may find yourself in a more remote region where the signal is weak.

    Or something might actually be blocking the signal (which can be anything from a building to a mountain). Another signal issue you can experience on the island is due to the Iceland weather. Especially in the Iceland winter season with its blizzards and winds that can literally rip the door off a car. In some of these instances, you’ll just need to accept it and have a cup of tea whilst the matter is being resolved. In other instances, you can fix the situation, as we’ll get into shortly.

    WIFI coverage Iceland

    Will my Hotel or Campsite Have WiFi?

    Most accommodation these days offer guests free WiFi, especially if you’re staying at a hotel. With other accommodation types, it doesn’t hurt double-checking. Yet, when it comes to campsites, we’ve seen pretty interesting things. And since many visitors to the island are digital nomads who need to work remotely and opt to travel in a campervan, we’ve discovered a trend across the island.

    Whilst most campsites offer free WiFi you might find that one camping spot has full signal, yet another has nothing. The majority of the time it’s either because there is an obstacle in the way of the signal or the signal is too weak. If you ever hit this “technical difficulty” we suggest that you first try to arrange for another spot. But if you find that this is a general problem all over the camping ground, we recommend coming prepared with “the big guns” – a WiFi/signal booster.

    This is something that you cannot be without when having to work on the island. A WiFi/signal booster will ensure that you’re not constantly left buffering in a Zoom meeting. It will allow you to stay connected in places most struggle to get a signal, whether mobile or internet. This, of course, is not just beneficial in a work situation, but crucial in an emergency situation. Do you think there is a better place to work than from your RV rental in Iceland?

    pocket wifi Iceland

    WiFi in Iceland Shouldn’t be a Problem

    As you can see, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stay connected here on the island. Whether you decide to rent a WiFi hotspot device in Iceland or you prefer the pocket WiFi Iceland has to offer in the form of your mobile phone. Or you hop around from the one local hangout to the offer to make use of the complimentary WiFi offered.

    There will always be a way that you can tap into the network. And, remember, just in case, get that WiFi/signal booster! Just for the odd chance that you hit that “bad patch” or your “road less traveled” takes you to extremely remote regions. With a WiFi/signal booster, you can rent your campervan in Iceland and start your road trip adventure across the island. With, of course, the peace of mind that you’ll always stay connected. Happy traveling!

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