The Best RV Road Trip Routes Around the World

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    Choosing the right RV road trip is hard when you start to explore your options. Knowing which place is good for which type of holiday results in massive amounts of reading. So, we compiled the only list you’ll ever need, and narrowed it down to 10 unique routes and some important know-how.

    Holidays are the best, and we do love them with a pinch of adventure and excitement. If you want to embark on an RV road trip you need to check your options and plan the itinerary that suits your trip the best. Start with the RV and end with the important detail of choosing the right snack.

    Top RV Road Trip Routes

    Choosing an RV road trip is easier said than done. Really, the world is your oyster and there isn’t any shortage of routes to take. We suggest taking a good look around the world to find what fits you and your vacation the best, including length, climate, scenery, and activities.

    Regardless of where you go, the most important equipment on an RV road trip is your RV, and it needs to fit your preferences. Take a look at our fleet of RVs and motorhomes to get a good idea of what to look for in your vacation home.

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    1. Ring Road 1, Iceland

    Route 1 (or the Ring Road 1 as it is more commonly called) is the main road in this island nation. Stretching a good 1,322km, it makes for a perfect RV vacation in the shorter domain, even though you are going to want to take a lot of detours.

    If you stick to the main attractions and keep a moderate pace, you can get this route done in 7-8 days without being stressed. Make sure to check our Ring Road tips before your departure to make sure you get the most out of your adventure. Some attractions include:

    • Skógafoss – a 60m tall waterfall that almost falls right down on the camping ground.
    • Reynisfjara black beach – a large volcanic black-sand beach that is considered one of the most fascinating natural spots in Iceland.
    • Jökulsárlón – a bright blue glacier lake with some miniature icebergs floating around.
    • Egilsstaðir/Hallormsstaður – a small, peaceful town on the east coast. Hallormsstaður is the largest forest in Iceland and is sprinkled with a handful of gorgeous hiking trails.
    • Húsavik – the whale-watching capital of Iceland. Also good for spotting some puffins!
    • Westfjords – amazing nature and a big reserve. This is the ultimate puffin spot and houses the (not so) mighty arctic fox, Iceland’s largest predator!
    Best RV road trip: Iceland's Ring Road
    1. Maui, Hawaii’s Road to Hana

    Following the northern coast of the second largest island in the Hawaii group, the 100km short route from Paia to Hana is littered with amazing scenery. It’s a high-pressure route, so make sure to only get your RV road trip stops at designated spots to avoid any troubles. We suggest taking two or three days along this route to have time for hikes. Some attractions along the route are:

    • Twin falls – a 2.9km long trail with two waterfalls, both naturally equipped with a pool at the bottom of each waterfall. Great for cooling off after a hot day in the car!
    • Garden of Eden – An unmatched piece of nature that will make you think that you stepped into a nature dream.
    • Hana Lava Tube – One of many lava tubes in Hawaii where you can escape the sun and have a walk in a geological wonder.
    Best RV Road trip Route: Hawaii
    1. New Zealand’s North Island

    This road won’t take you to Mordor, but the 650-kilometre route from Auckland to Wellington will take you through the Shire! If you’re not a big LoTR-fan, then you can rather focus on the natural sights or native culture, as the landscape along the route is amazingly beautiful.

    This route can be done in a couple of days but planning the best RV road trip routes in this area will easily end with roughly a week’s worth of travel. It’s a great camper van route for beginners who want to have their first RV experience, but fits more experienced RV travelers as well.

    Some attractions along the route include:

    • Lake Taupo – an area packed with adventure and amazing scenery.
    • Matamata (Hobbiton) – the famous filming location of the Shore from the LoTR and The Hobbit movies.
    • Rotorua – see amazing geothermal sights and learn about the proud Maori culture.
    • Waitomo – an intricate network of water-filled caves, filled with glowing insects!
    Best RV road trip routes: New Zealand
    1. BC, Canada’s Sea to Sky Highway

    Getting back to the northern hemisphere, this route got a very literal nickname since the 125km route goes from Vancouver at the sea to the mountain resorts in Whistler at 700m above sea level. What makes this one of the best RV travel routes is that you can easily make this a 3-day trip, despite the short distance. The nature, history, and culture along the way won’t leave you short of things to do! These include things like:

    • Stanley Park – an oasis of nature in the middle of Vancouver. A great place to start the trip while you are looking at the RV road trip ideas.
    • Britannia Mine Museum – an amazing trip through history when visiting what used to be the largest copper mine in the commonwealth!
    • Alexander Falls – a beautiful waterfall that drops on multiple levels. You can drive all the way up to the viewing platform, so it fits perfectly for all RV routes in the area.
    • Whistler – a world-renowned ski resort in the winter and a perfect hiking area in the summer. Whistler is a great last stop on our list of the best RV road trip routes.
    Best RV road trip routes: Canada
    1. Route 66, USA

    The most famous roads in the USA, and most likely one of the most spoken-about RV routes in the world. The original 3,940-kilometre Route 66 went from Los Angeles in California to Chicago in Illinois. This is one of the longer RV routes we recommend and will take you a couple of weeks to complete. Along the route you will come across:

    • Route 66 Car Museum – in Springfield, Missouri, you can get a look at the type of cars that have been travelling this RV road trip since the opening of the road.
    • Cadillac Ranch – showing the development of the Cadillac between -49 and -64, these cars are halfway buried in the Texas ground with their butts in the air. A must for all car enthusiasts.
    • Santa Rosa – a retro town that makes you feel like you’ve gone back to the hay-day of this road. Definitely a must among the many RV road trip ideas.
    • Santa Monica Pier – nothing says California like standing on a pier in the sun. This is the wrap-up you need after a long journey and a perfect ending to one of the best RV travel routes.
    Best RV Road Trip routes: US
    1. Ring Road 2, Iceland

    Going off the Ring Road 1, one of the best RV road trip routes in Iceland can be found in the north-western corner of the land. Along Ring Road 2, beautiful nature and strong winds will greet you and make your RV road trip an adventure to remember! Some must-visit spots are:

    • Hornstrandir nature reserve – completely untouched by man and home to the elusive Arctic Fox
    • Látrabjarg Birdcliff – ever seen a puffin? Well, here they are all over the place in the summers!
    • Dynjandi Waterfall – this waterfall drapes the mountainside like a veil. No trip to Iceland is complete without visiting a waterfall!

    Best RV routes: Ring Road 2


    1. Highway 1, Australia

    Step aside Route 66, this RV road trip takes us around the largest island nation in the world. Stretching 14,500 kilometres (!), this is not a project for the faint of heart, being the world’s longest highway and all. Here you can explore places like:

    • Bondi Beach – one of the most famous beaches in the world!
    • Albany – a south-western city with some of the most amazing scenery you can come across in Australia.
    • Blue Mountains – a UNESCO heritage site in the Sydney vicinity. Simply stunning nature.

    Australia Highway 1

    1. The Garden Route, South Africa

    Continuing in the south, the South African Garden Route is a popular RV road trip due to the amazing nature and many camping stops. This 105-kilometre route goes from Mossel Bay to Knysna and is best suited for the one who wants to make long stops and explore RV road trip ideas.

    • Knysna Elephant park – meet these gentle giants along with well-trained experts in an elephant sanctuary.
    • Cango Caves – take a trip back and see what the bushmen from thousands of years ago drew on the cave walls.

    The Garden Route, South Africa

    1. Western Norway Fjords

    From Bergen to Ålesund, you will have one of the most scenic RV road trips of your life. The route itself isn’t very long with the 450-kilometres of road, but you will have plenty of things to do and amazing views to enjoy.

    • Sognefjord – one of Norway’s longest and deepest fjords. Take your time and enjoy this geological marvel
    • Borgund – see an entirely black church, completely made of wood, from the 12th century!
    • Ålesund – known for being extremely pretty, this will end one of the best RV trips of your life.

    Best RV Routes: Norwegian fjords

    1. Portugal

    Hug one of the most beautiful coasts of Europe and enjoy the scenic 360-kilometre RV road trip from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Cacela Velha. This is one of the best RV trips for those who enjoy surfing and culture and can easily be done in a couple of days or more, depending on how much you like the waves.

    • Fortazela de Sagres – an amazing portuguese fortress, dating back to the 17th
    • Praia de Amoreira – one of the best beaches on the south coast of Portugal.
    • Lagos – the vibrant tourist capital of the south.

    Portugal Coastal Road

    What to Know Before Choosing an RV Road Trip Route

    The lay of the RV road trip land is the most important. As we said at the beginning of the article: make sure to choose the right vehicle, and to understand the differences between campervans vs RVs. The second most important piece of information is the length of your trip. There’s no reason to embark on the Australian Highway 1 if you only have one or two weeks of vacation. The same thing goes the other way: Spending 2 months on a 230-kilometre road is not a great option. 

    Then, it all comes down to developing the best RV trips for you as well as diving into RV road trip ideas for your chosen route. Just don’t plan too much and leave some room for spontaneous excursions, they will happen regardless of your planning.

    Some other great tips before choosing between the best RV travel routes:

    • Read up on the countries and their traffic laws. They may differ from what you’re used to.
    • Make sure your visa and driver’s license are viable in the country you’re going to.
    • Double-check how safe the roads are. All routes we recommend are safe routes to take in an RV road trip, but others might not be.
    • Bulk up on snacks when you get to the country, snacks are always underrated.
    • Check our dedicated post to discover even more RV tips for beginners.

    Which Country is Best for a Road Trip?

    Different strokes for different folks, and the same goes for the best RV road trip routes. Each route comes with a trade-off, and each country is good in its own way.

    Which is the Best Road Trip in the World?

    The best RV road trip in the world is the one that is best adapted to whoever is taking the trip. The best RV travel routes are never going to be a “one size fits all”-kind of situation.

    You must find out what you want to have to make it the best RV road trip in the world. If you want to visit exotic beaches and tropical forests, maybe Hawaii, Portugal, or Australia is your cup of tea. If you rather want to go hike in the harsh temperate climates, Iceland, Canada, and Norway might suit you better. Interesting cultural sights can be found along Route 66, Portugal, and Iceland.

    Let’s go on an adventure!

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