The Ultimate Guide to July in Iceland

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    You can’t get any more peak season than July in Iceland. It is smack-bang in the middle of summer, and it seems like the entire island has conspired to make your visit the best ever. The weather in Iceland in July is the best you’ll ever get. There are plenty of things to do (especially outdoors), and there are more than enough daylight hours to do them in.

    If you’re thinking of spending July in Iceland, or if you’ve actually been wondering when to plan your trip, read on. In this article, we give you the complete lowdown on July, so you can see whether it’s the right fit for you.

    The Pros and Cons of Spending July in Iceland

    Like with most things in life, spending July in Iceland also has its pros and cons. We’ve created this overview to help you weigh up whether you should visit the island in July:


    • The climate in Iceland in July will be the best you’ll ever find on the island. The Iceland temperature in July is nice and warm. You won’t need to compete with any of the harsher weather elements the island sometimes throws at you.
    • There are so many daylight hours that trip itineraries have absolutely no limitations.
    • The daylight hours are so much, in fact, that the sun actually never quite sets. You can experience one of Iceland’s natural phenomena in July – the Midnight Sun.
    • If you consider yourself a nature lover, July has quite a few esteemed guests on the island. Not only will you get to see many migratory species of whales, but you’ll also be able to spot the Puffins in Iceland.

    July in Iceland


    • Everybody knows how amazing the month of July is on the island, so you’ll need to deal with some peak-season crowds. Booking in advance (everything from accommodation and car rentals to activities) will be an absolute must. Otherwise, you’ll be left disappointed.
    • Whilst the daylight hours offer great opportunities, they can also cause some problems. Some really struggle with their sleeping patterns when there is no darkness. And others cram their itineraries so full that they suffer from burnout after just a few days.
    • With no darkness, you won’t be able to see the Northern Lights. So, if this is something that you’ve got on your Icelandic bucket list, you might need to rethink a trip to Iceland in July.

    What You Can Expect From the Weather When Visiting Iceland in July

    As we already mentioned, the Iceland weather in July in Iceland is the best you’ll find all year. You won’t need to face those extreme weather elements such as snow and the legendary Icelandic winds that literally rip car doors off their hinges. You also won’t see temperatures drop below the 0-mark and can enjoy temperatures ranging between 9-25 degrees Celsius. 

    The average temperature in Iceland in July generally hovers around 13 degrees Celsius. There is a misconception that the weather in Reykjavík in Iceland in July is somehow better than the rest of the island. But this is merely an illusion created by the buildings that creates a form of sheltering against the weather elements. 

    In actuality, there is absolutely no difference between the temperature in Reykjavík in July than the rest of Iceland. Daylight hours are 20+ hours each day. But keep in mind that daylight hours don’t necessarily mean sunshine, and the island will still be overcast for about 60% of the time in July.

    weather in Reykjavik Iceland in July

    Packing List When Traveling to Iceland in July

    Are you confused about what to pack for a summer trip to a place called Iceland? Well, we have the solution for you. We’ve created a handy packing list (including the right accessories and clothing for Iceland in July) that you can use as a guide:

    • A raincoat
    • A waterproof jacket
    • Warm woolen sweater. (Just bring one or two, so you have enough space in your luggage to buy some real authentically Icelandic woolen sweaters)
    • Waterproof pants
    • Informal pants. (For when you’re out and about in the city)
    • Waterproof hiking boots. (These are the perfect shoes for Iceland in July, whether you’re planning on going hiking or not)
    • T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts
    • Warm gloves
    • Warm hat. (We recommend beanies)
    • A sleep mask. (Just in case you’re one of those who gets affected by the lack of darkness)
    • Bathing suit. (For visits to the hot springs)
    • Quick drying towel. (You don’t want to be lugging around wet things all day)
    • Flip-flops. (To use at the hot springs and other public changing rooms)
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Moisturizing cream. (Just trust us on this one)
    • Water bottle. (The island’s water quality is extremely high, so you merely need to top up as you go)
    • Backpack. (Suitable for day outings as well as hikes)
    • Toiletries & medication. (Just double-check all flight restrictions, so you don’t end up having half your vanity confiscated at the airport)
    • Electronic devices: chargers, cables, adaptor, power bank, etc.

    What to wear in Iceland in July

    Camping in Iceland in July

    There truly is no better time to go camping here on the island than in July. But camping in Iceland in July is not just because it’s one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in the majestic Iceland landscape. It’s also to save on accommodation costs. 

    Even if you don’t consider yourself the next Indiana Jones and prefer the luxuries of life, you don’t need to rough it to go camping in Iceland. Simply rent a campervan in Iceland and you can go camping in comfort. If you want to save even more money, buy a Camping Card

    This card gives a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children access to various campsites across the country for 28 nights. Take into consideration that the Camping Card costs only €159 and campsites generally charge $10-$20 per person per night. It becomes pretty clear exactly how much money you’ll be saving. Does camping sound like something you’ll consider for your trip to Iceland? Then these are considered some of the best camping places to visit in Iceland in July:

    Camping in Iceland

    Driving in Iceland in July

    Driving in Iceland in July is an absolute joy. All the roads and routes that close during the colder months are open again, so it’s the best time to go on that road trip. The roads are also in great condition. There’s no need to worry about sliding on icy patches or getting stuck in the snow. You’ll just need to discuss your planned road trip routes with your rental agency, as there are certain roads in Iceland that can only be accessed by 4x4. If you’re planning on road-tripping through Iceland, some of the most popular routes to take are:

    traveling to Iceland in July

    Other Things to Do When Spending July in Iceland

    The things to do in Iceland in July don’t just begin and end with camping and road-tripping. The following much-loved attractions and activities should, perhaps, also get a slot in your trip itinerary:

    • Go hiking in Iceland in July on some of our most popular trails, such as the Laugavegur Trail.
    • Dive or snorkel the Silfra Fissure.
    • Go on the Reykjavík Food Walk when visiting Reykjavík in July.
    • Visit a glacier (Vatnajökull is the largest in Europe!).
    • Explore a lava cave such as Grjotagia (which was featured on the popular series, Game of Thrones).
    • Go on one of the many guided tours of Iceland in July.
    • Attend a local festival or event such as LungA Arts Festival.
    • Take a dip in a hot spring such as the famous Blue Lagoon.
    • Go horseback riding on a real authentic Icelandic Horse.

    Horseback riding in July in Iceland

    Helpful Tips When Spending July in Iceland

    If this is your first time visiting the island in July, the following tips will help make your stay a safe and memorable one:

    Keep an Eye on the Weather & Road Conditions

    There is a saying here on the island: “you can experience all four seasons in one day in Iceland”. That means that you’ll always need to be prepared. When visiting the island in July, you won’t need to be scared of things such as potential blizzards. Still, horseback riding in the rain in Iceland in July is no fun. The weather conditions can lead to sudden road closures that can bring a road trip to a sudden halt. That’s why we always recommend that people keep an eye on the Iceland weather forecast and the Iceland road conditions before heading out for the day.

    Dress in Layers

    Remember the part about “four seasons in one day” and being prepared? And when in Iceland, you’ll soon realize that there is a pretty big difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures. That’s why we suggest that you always dress in layers. That way, you can always take things off if you’re hot and put things on when you’re cold.

    rain in Iceland in July

    Get an Early Start

    We already mentioned that July in Iceland can get pretty busy, and you might need to deal with some peak season crowds. The best advice we can give to try and avoid these crowds as much as possible is by getting an early start in the mornings. Try to be one step ahead at all the attractions and activities (assuming that you’ve already booked, of course).

    Keep Waterproof Gear & Clothes Close

    Many think that all the waterproof gear and clothes on the packing list are just to be prepared for weather conditions. But that’s only partly true. Iceland is a wet country, whether it’s raining or not. You’ll thank us once you have to walk the muddy trail to a hot spring or watch how others get drenched in the mist and spray at the waterfalls.

    July in Iceland; is it the Right Fit for You?

    From what you’ve read, does spending July in Iceland seem like something that’s the right fit for you? Well, if great weather, plenty to see and do, and 20+ daylight hours a day seem like paradise, then it’s probably time to book that flight. Your Iceland adventure in July awaits!

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